7 Unique Structural Engineering Dissertation Ideas

If you take an engineering course, you have a very analytical, the exact way of thinking. You need to see the bigger picture while calculating using complicated formulas. Designing structures can be a very difficult job and writing about this is not easier. Most of the topics require precise information and a clear exposure of the topic. If you can quote specialists in the field, it will make your paper look much more professional, and your teacher will see how much work you are willing to invest. You need to use a professional language and to not use any kind of colloquial expressions. For your dissertation, you can try one of these topics:

  1. Design and analysis of blast resistant structures. The advantage of this topic is that it allows you to come up with a new model that you can analyze in your paper. If you don’t want to make all this effort, simply choose a rudimentary structure.
  2. Seismic reinforcing. In areas affected by earthquakes very often, there is a constant necessity for extremely resistant structures that can prevent the destructions. A good option would be to focus on materials that can help rebuild damaged structures in less time, with fewer costs and effort.
  3. Artificial Satellites. They are built around very complex structures that need to support an incredible amount of weight and to be able to resist in space. The conditions are entirely different than the ones on earth and it one of the most difficult things to design.
  4. Compare various types of materials. The pro and cons of the most common materials, as well as which type is more suitable for a particular construction.
  5. Environmental protection. A big part of carbon emissions that are polluting the planet come from the production of cement or concrete. Search for viable alternatives and provide valid data to prove your point.
  6. 3- D printing. This is something relatively new and innovative, and your professors will be impressed. Analyze the materials that are used and how the process could be used on a larger scale.
  7. Optimization of structures. The versatility of this subject allows you to introduce any idea you had that you think can produce a revolution in the industry. It is better to be original, even if your work is not finalized yet. Many students analyze a topic already present, but only the best of them choose something completely new.