Never write short PhD thesis introductions

Forget everything that you’ve ever learned about writing an introduction to an essay when it is a PhD thesis that you are creating. Whereas the typical essay introduction should be short, sweet and to the point, the PhD thesis introduction should be one that is well-written and detailed enough to provide the problem/solution in detail. A good introduction is the key to a good paper. Keep reading for more tips for writing your PhD thesis paper.

Writing your Dissertation

The writing introduction is important. It should have several pieces to it, including that great introduction. The paper should be written in simple English, following the APA writing style guidelines or those that your instructor has given to you. Thus you should use Times New Roman or Arial 12 pt. font when writing your paper.

Most PhD thesis papers have three to four paragraphs and manage to take up about one page of work. The first two to three sentences of the paper should describe what the problem is. You will use simple English to write this, of course, and thoroughly state the main idea of the report. The second chapter should discuss the problem more and why it is so difficult. The paragraph should discuss the approaches that you took to come to the conclusion. Your final paragraph will list the consequences of the problem.

Why should your Paper be Lengthy?

It is important that your PhD thesis be lengthy because this is the one and only way you can provide the readers with accurate and thorough information that supports your paper. The purpose of the paper is to inform the reader and it is unlikely that you can do this without a long paper that contains many sentences and paragraphs. When the paper is lengthy you have the room to tell all that you want the reader to know without leaving them without the important information they need.

The Bottom Line

Writing a PhD thesis is not something that you should try to compress into a simple paragraph. This is not going to be accurate nor will it be informative enough to provide the information that a thesis should provide. Make sure that you take the time to write the thesis that gets the attention that you desire. This is the only way that you will get a good grade and a paper that is well written and accurate.