Where can I Find a Well-Written Art Dissertation Example?

Finding a dissertation example is usually not that hard to find. Some fields can be tough. Usually, accessing the search engines with “art dissertation example” will turn up a good selection. But where are all the examples, found? That is what will be discussed here.

  1. Internet
  2. School Libraries
  3. Art Department
  4. Bookstores


As has been said many times, the internet can be a great resource and tool, as much as it can be a distraction. But yes, there are many places that a good well-written example of an Art Dissertation, can be found. Some sites will have copies of dissertations they have, had written, to show what their writers can do for the students. Other sites will post examples of written dissertations, to show what a style can look like, if the graduate does one right. Either way, these can be very helpful to the student writing their dissertation, and can give them ideas as well.

School Libraries

School libraries can be accessed two ways. Either by going in and using their in-house computers and looking for a dissertation example, or going online and looking in their search engine. Most of the time, many schools share these dissertations, so other students can look over them to get ideas, and help them with their dissertation. A network of schools can provide dissertations of all sorts, and even include Art. Making these an excellent resource to look through. When doing this article, one school library was used, and found 15 art history dissertations, from nine schools in seven countries.

Art Department

School Art Departments are another good resource. Many of them, have dissertations from past students that did an excellent dissertation. The graduate student can look through these and see examples of style, topics, and other factors that can help them write their own. Ask the instructor if the school has any on file that can be looked at.


Some bookstores carry dissertations that can be bought. If the student can afford this, they would make excellent resources to have on hand for an example. They can even be used as a resource if the student’s topic and the one in the dissertation are close enough to cross subjects. Otherwise, just having on hand to see how someone else handled an issue is worth the cost. So do not pass this source up either.