Completing a dissertation: psychological obstacles

Dissertation writing is a very critical task for a student. It is very important in the student’s career. However it is not a very easy task and may require extra ordinary efforts at the students end. As the student is doing it for the first time there may be many unseen and unexpected problems that will create hindrance in completing the dissertation. The research showed that main issues a student faces in writing a thesis are the problem of maintaining a balance between academic life and personal life, time management, lengthy research work and inability to choose a topic.

Thesis blocking

Thesis blocking means the inability of the student to cope up with the dissertation writing process. The blocking is basically a psychological effect and the student after completing his graduation is so overwhelmed by the idea of writing a thesis that he cannot sort out where to start from and how to organize things. The time limit may be short and the students start panicking. According to the students they find issues in

Most of the students had psychological obstacles in continuing the writing process. They found it hard to stay on the track after getting no or very less reward out of the extensive researches they carried.

The fear of rejection

The fear of failing also hinders many students in writing their thesis. Students are aware of the fact that the dissertation committee may or may not approve their thesis. The fear of rejection holds the students back and they start panicking. The panic leads to more mess and leaves the student in a helpless situation.

The time limit

You are allowed a total of two years for completing your thesis but students mostly pend it for the last semester. In the last 6 months the student makes a work plan and is sure he will make it this time without any troubles. The problem however arises when the actual time required is nowhere near the estimated time. Even selecting a valid and unique topic may take months. This puts pressure on the students mind and he feels disappointed. The time seems to be rushing and students can’t get a hold of themselves.

It is therefore very important to start early, stay focused and take breaks during the dissertation writing process.