How To Write A Proper Conceptual Framework For Your Dissertation

A conceptual framework is the map that will guide the research to go on a certain rails so the writer can achieve his quota, it will help the researcher decide what path to take a new research an outdated one that the researcher will finish... to do that there are three essential elements which consist on these :

  1. Personal interest this point have a relationship with every that the writer experienced in his lifetime from curiosity , biases, his commitment to the research which means that the personal interest always influence the field of study and that is the question raised by the writer to base his paper on.
  2. Topical research that is what makes gives the research its importance and how it can help modern man to live and be aware of his surroundings which is the risen question and it’s analysis regarding the researcher life style and what he saw during his work to solve the problem or to state its origins .
  3. Theoretical Framework is the biggest part of the conceptual framework it is the theories borrowed from other research or new ones invented by the writer or modified so it can fit the field of the research.

A writer probably thinks that these three points above are separated but that is wrong separating these will lead to a self destructive dissertation that will have no meaning at all and will lose its shape therefore it will be quite hard to keep these points in contact unless the writer is used to this kind of writings or he has read a lot of them so he is aware of the type of writing involved in this part of writing the dissertation. So writing it seems to be quite hard to do, in fact it sound extremely difficult, the writer should never over think this all comes along naturally if he is in a science lab and discovered that something quite intriguing happening in consequence he will ask a question which is his problem and begin on working with his Theoretical Framework and all of this happened at the same time and the same place at the end he got his dissertation.