Great Dissertation Defence Tips that Always Work

When it comes to writing a thesis, you must expect to be criticized. Your work is open to being examined. If you know this fact and take certain steps, you'll find it much easier to take and much easier to defend. And yes, you will have to defend your thesis. You will have taken a great deal of time and effort to create the thesis in the first place but your work is not complete until you have equipped yourself with enough resources and information to be able to mount a strong and successful defence. Here are some tips to help you successfully defended your thesis.

You're going to perform. You’re going to present to an academic committee the proposal for the thesis you plan to write. Do not go in cold. If it means standing in front of a full-length mirror for hours on end do so. You need to rehearse your presentation as much as is required. You want it to be slick and you want to be confident. The only way to develop a confident presentation is to rehearse.

It's most important that you understand that less is more in that if your presentation only goes for 20 minutes and is really well rehearsed and presented then that is better than a 30 minute presentation which has too much information, too much waffle and which loses the point.

You're going to be asked questions as to why you have chosen the topic, how you plan to go about writing the thesis and when you think you will finish it. You need to be being proud and definite. You have planned for this thesis for some time. Your presentation must reflect your preparation. Don't be afraid to blow your own trumpet and explain how you intend to create this thesis and with flying colours.

Always have a hard copy of your thesis proposal with you. It might well be that somebody on the academic committee will ask your question on page such and such. You will quickly be able to see the context in which that question has been asked and thus give a correct and appropriate answer. And make sure that every item of equipment you use in your presentation is in perfect working condition. Remember that the success of your thesis depends on the success of your proposal. You must be willing and able to defend it and thus give yourself an excellent chance of getting a green light to write it.