How To Master PhD Dissertation Writing

If you are pursuing a doctorate, you will need to write a dissertation in order to complete your academic work. A dissertation is usually written by the doctoral candidate after they have completed a research project. The dissertation addresses the research and reports the findings made by the candidate during and after the research project. The research topic doesn't necessarily have be original, depending on what doctorate you’re pursuing, and the dissertation should be written as if it were going to be published, which it very well could be depending on the research.

When Should You Start a Dissertation?

Once you have decided on what your research will be, you can start putting your dissertation together. This isn't like a research paper that can be done during the last couple of weeks during the semester, you dissertation should be compiled as you work on your research. The actually writing doesn't have to be started right away, but you should at least be outlining your dissertation and gather information for it as you work on your research.

What does the Dissertation Contain?

There are many components to a dissertation and you need to make sure you don't forget to include any of them. A dissertation must explain the problem that motivated the candidate to research the topic, explain why the problem is important and describe what other people have done to solve the problem. Your dissertation should describe what new research the candidate may have to contribute to solving the problem that was described, fully document the experiments that validate the contribution to the solution and the conclusions that were drawn by the results.

How to Begin Writing the Dissertation?

There is no set outline for a dissertation because each one is unique, but the dissertation needs to thoroughly address the problem that you, as the doctoral candidate, have researched. One of the easiest ways to begin writing a dissertation is for you to start writing the chapters describing their research, define terms as they are found and to keep track of the references used in the dissertation. This will help you write each chapter of the dissertation.

Mastering the Craft

Dissertations are not like any work that you've done before and the best way to master the art of writing a dissertation is to practice by writing everyday. By writing some of it everyday, you won't fall behind on your dissertation.