Dissertation Outline Sample Online Won't Help You Write Your Own Paper

Writing a dissertation is a herculean task which evolves in every stage of the research process. When you begin your work on the research paper, you will primarily have to select a research topic based on which the research problem will addressed in your research. Finding an interesting research problem will require you to brainstorm on ideas which raise your curiosity to undertake a thorough research on the problem. This is the preliminary procedure. You may even change the topic or research problem if you feel that you will be unable to do proper justice to the research as the topic seems vague to you. Similar to this situation, your professor asks you to prepare an outline on your chosen research problem for your dissertation. You may begin framing your outline by looking at a dissertation outline sample which is available online. But these samples will not help you in writing your own paper due to the following reasons:

Every research problem has different requirements for outline

By just following the general outline available as a sample online you will fail in completely exploring all the vital areas on which you seek to make an investigation for the research. For every research you do you will employ the same strategy without providing any scope for widening your knowledge on the research problem and exploring the different facets of the evolution of research in your paper.

The common structure followed for your outline will fail to be unique and specific to the research

The common outline for the dissertation sample which is available online will make your outline seem as a prototype of research works done earlier. Your research paper outline will therefore not be unique to address your research problem.

It will mar your creativity on presenting your research paper

You will be restricted by the limits of your sample outline available online based on which you will blindly conduct the research without inducing creative and original elements on your research outline and thereby your research paper which will seem repetitive and a mere prototype of the sample.

Often what you begin with may not be similar to what you finally end up

Often researchers who ponder on a specific research problem prepare an outline for the research paper but as the research process evolves and their understanding on the subject grows, they tend to make changes in their presentation of the research problem and the research undertaken. They may end up making modifications, adding some details and removing some things to evolve a different approach to the problem based on their findings. Therefore finding a research paper outline sample online may not make your task of preparing the whole research paper, seem lighter. But rather you will have to make changes as per the research requirements of your project.