How To Write A Thesis Statement: Managing Your Time

Time management is inevitably one of the more difficult aspects of dissertation writing. Yet, students are given more than an ample amount of time to write their dissertation. Why is it such a prevalent problem? Part of the issue comes from the fact that writing ones dissertation is one of the longest term solo assignments most students will ever have. When given a deadline of six months, a year, or even two years, it’s difficult for most to feel a sense of urgency. Without a sense of urgency, thoughts of time management go out the window.

Manage Your Time from the Beginning

From the very beginning, it’s necessary to manage your time wisely. More time is wasted in the beginning of the process than at any other point. In fact, the end of research and writing is quite frequently rushed because of the amount of time initially wasted.

Writing Your Thesis Statement

Hands down, one of the best ways to manage your time wisely is to be on the ball in writing your thesis statement. If you can formulate a thesis early and have it approved by your mentor or committee, you can buy yourself months of extra time. And why not take the opportunity to do so? It’s a good idea to maximize the time you save during the early part of your assignment in order to provide yourself with more time for research, analysis, and writing. This is how truly exceptional papers get written.

Set Your Own Deadlines

Set your own deadlines and prioritize getting your thesis statement approved so that you’re ahead of schedule. The following guidelines will help you efficiently choose and write your thesis statement.