Dissertation Writing Prompts: How to Identify the Problem and Questions

Understanding the problem to identify and questions to go along with it plays a big role in how your dissertation is written. You can have a topic selected but these elements help make the project and define how you go about completing research. Sometimes this may not be as simple as you think, even with a topic you know well. There are a few factors that can help you understand how to make your final decisions regarding what data is necessary to include in your project.

Choose a Topic That Provides Plenty of Both

Many students think you can choose just about any topic and turn it into something you can write about. This is not always the case and some topics may pose more challenges than others. Some topics are known to have various questions and problems and it is a matter of choosing your argument to make. Other times there may be a problem and a question, but you may not find enough information to help you answer or solve it efficiently. Some topics may not have both elements for you to work with.

Narrow Down Your Selections and Review Opposing Opinions

Once you have reviewed a few possible ideas you can begin narrowing down your selections. This is where you would take a closer look at potential problems and questions they pose. Consider how you would go about answering questions and addressing the problem. What opinions would encourage you to talk about certain points? How would you go about researching such content to provide possible answers? What areas do you have an interest in that you want to learn more about that would make the research and writing process easier?

Determine Final Selection Based on Ability to Provide Evidence

At this point you may have identified your problem and question and will consider how to begin researching them to create your dissertation. This may lead to defining your hypothesis your main idea behind your project. This should make it easier for you to complete your work based on research and notes you have taken till you have reached this point. You may want to compare your notes to other dissertation content that has been completed by other students. Here you can access the originality of your potential topic and learn whether it is something worth pursuing.