Racial Profiling Thesis - An Interesting Undertaking

Writing essays on controversial topics can be fun, but it can also be hard to write about. There are many topics that can get people angry or that contain sensitive materials, and racial profiling is one of those things. If you want to write about this topic, though, you should know a few things about writing this type of paper properly.

Define your thesis

Before you get started, define your thesis to yourself and make sure it makes sense. You can also make points to support your thesis and determine if those points can be researched the proper way before you even begin researching and writing. If your thesis isn't strong then you won't have enough points to make about it and you'll know to choose another topic.

List your points

Write your points out in order of least important to most important. Then research each topic to make sure you can form at least a four to six sentence paragraph for each one that has at least one well-cited fact. If you cannot find facts to support your points, you need to leave the point alone because racial profiling is a topic that cannot be talked about from personal experience. You need facts and you need to leave emotions out of the paper if you wish to be taken seriously.

Be careful with your point of view

Sometimes it's hard to take a stance like "racial profiling doesn't exist," but if that is what you want to write about you can word it differently. Try something like "racial profiling isn't what you may think it is" and talk about how racial profiling isn't what the media makes it out to be, or use whatever other facts you have to support that statement.

Watch out for racially charged language

No matter the stance you choose, be careful with using racially charged language. This goes for any controversial topic, but language that gets people upset or that offends a sect of the population is never a good idea unless used in a direct quote to make your point stronger.

Writing papers on racial profiling or any other touchy subject can be difficult because you need to present your material in a professional manner, but you also want to make sure the point of your paper gets across. If you find yourself writing a paper on something like racial profiling use the above information before you start writing and as you go through the process.