Where To Find A Well-Written Thesis Example

What is a thesis?

The term thesis may refer to several types of long research paper assignments. First, a thesis may be a honor’s research paper required at the end of an undergraduate program, for students who are attempting to earn a degree with honors. Second, a thesis may refer to the culmination of research and academic inquiry conducted by a graduate student in a Master’s program, which must be completed and approved by a committee in order to earn one’s degree. Finally, the term thesis is sometimes used interchangeably with the term dissertation, which is the final, multi study research project completed by a graduate student in return for a PhD degree.

What makes a thesis so hard to write?

A thesis is a notoriously difficult writing assignment, in part because it is so extensive and long. In addition, a thesis paper represents a body of novel research, which the student has conducted him or herself. This makes it distinct from a regular research paper, in which an undergraduate simply synthetizes and reviews previously existing academic work. Theses are typically quite long as well, upwards of fifty pages not including references and tables, and must be approved by the student’s thesis committee and adviser. Theses are scrutinized heavily, and typically must be edited several times and subjected to a great deal of criticism and discussion before they are deemed ready.

Where to find an example thesis?

If you are completing a thesis, you should find one or several example papers to lead you on the process. There are many good places to turn for sample theses, and most of them are completely ethical academically; some are even encouraged. Ask your adviser and your other professors for samples. They may be able to provide theses that their former students completed. This will let you know exactly what a winning thesis looks like, and let you know what your committee’s expectations are.

Alternatively, you should ask around your academic program to locate sample theses. If you are in a Master’s program, ask PhD students who have already completed their theses if you can see what theirs look like. You should approach students you have cultivated friendships with, as well as students who specialize in areas that are similar to your own. Be very courteous and gracious when asking for sample theses, and show your gratitude. Do not copy anything out of these sample papers; instead, use them as a rough guide for your own work.