How to Find Directions for Writing Doctoral Dissertations in Musicology

Finding the directions on how to write your doctoral dissertation in musicology are easy to find because you are, usually, given the directions from your advisor or instructor.  If you are still confused after you get the directions, there are tons of resources that you can find online that will help you write your doctoral dissertation.  The best sites to find good directions on how to write your doctoral dissertation which start with college and university sites that have musicology courses.  They can give you the most accurate results to help you write your dissertation in musicology.

General Directions to Write Your Doctoral Dissertation in Musicology

This is just what usually is included in the body of your dissertation.  Other sections include the title page, references, acknowledgements, dedication, and other pages which can vary from school to school.  If you are looking for the exact way that your school’s dissertation is set up, you can visit your school’s library.  They will have former students’ dissertations on file that you can use as a reference on your school’s dissertation requirements.

When you are starting to do your dissertation on musicology, you want to keep in mind that the dissertation is supposed to be on a topic that gives new knowledge for that field of study.  You can’t do it on topic that has already been done before; this will prevent you from getting your doctoral degree.