How to Write a Strong Master’s Thesis: List of Prompts

What to do and what not to do:

A Master’s thesis is a huge paper that students are required to write in order to graduate; it allows the student the opportunity to show what they have learned. It lets them   present all the skills they have acquired through their many years of education and most importantly it is a way for them to be passionate about something they love and is a chance for them to show that they can work in such a demanding and scholarly manner. One of the first things you need to learn about a Master’s thesis is also one of the most important aspects that a Master’s thesis needs. This is a central thesis question. A central thesis question must be in the paper and the within the paper the answer to this question must be there as well.

Steps to writing a Master’s Thesis:

  1. Carefully choose the question
    • It needs to be backed by a bunch of credible research that shows importance to society
    • It needs to provide answers to those who read it as well as the members of the community
    • All content needs to be original and your writing needs to be clear

  2. Create a clear statement
    • This needs to revolved around your central thesis question
    • All information provided in your essay needs to backed up by research

  3. Look over all sources of information
    • This step is very time consuming but it is very important
    • Make sure you have notes on the backgrounds of people, and involve it in your writing

  4. Make sure all of your research is done
    • This is the step where you make sure you have exhausted every outlet that you have, check all of your sources and gather all of the information that you plan on using or have found interesting that relates to your central thesis question

  5. Design an outline for your paper
    • This helps you figure out what all you actually need to include in your paper and where it will go
    • This will also help you organize all of your research and will help you put in order all of the sources you need to use for your paper versus all of the sources you found that provides information on your central thesis question

  6. Write your paper
    • Introduction must be clear and concise
    • Summarize the research you found, whatever your peers may say about the topic, and how your knowledge and or work adds to the topic you choose to write about
    • Make sure that the answer to the central thesis question is answered
    • Have a powerful conclusion that is filled with details
    • Your background information needs to be backed up by references