10 Effective Steps

How To Write A Dissertation Thesis: 10 Effective Steps

  1. Make a plan. This will help you to do the rest of the steps...
  2. Get organized.
  3. You need to ensure you are organized from the beginning and stay that way. You need to create folders dedicated to each part of your paper and make sure you keep all notes related to that particular section in a unique folder.

  4. Find a workplace.
  5. You need to find a place that is perfect for you. Everyone is different and some people work better in a busy cafe where they can lose themselves while others need a quiet study space. Find out what works for you and work there.

  6. Write each day.
  7. Make sure you set milestones you can achieve and that when you reach them you give yourself a reward no matter how small.

  8. Jot down notes.
  9. While you are writing it is recommended that you keep a note pad and a pen right next to your computer so that you can write down any notes you have along the way. You never know when that random note will change the turn of your paper.

  10. Take breaks.
  11. Don’t stop.
  12. Remember that at some point, finishing this monster of a writing assignment becomes more about determination and stamina than anything else. Keep writing no matter what and never stop working.

  13. Stay on track with your advisor.
  14. Make sure that you get the go-ahead before you start your thesis. Meet with your advisor to discuss the content and to tackle any obstacles. Stay on track with them. They are there to help you and give you input along the way. Do not try and rush the thesis and ignore your advisor. You might want to get out of there, but you need your advisor and this dissertation before you can graduate.

  15. Use writing support.
  16. It is incredibly beneficial to talk with others in a writing group or get feedback throughout the writing process.

  17. Catalogue your references as you go.
  18. It is important that you use programs to synchronize your references and your drafts automatically. This will save you quite a bit of time. There are many programs out there that will reformat your numbering and your footnotes with the references you have included as you edit your draft. This is a small effort that will save you quite a bit of time in the long run and enable your overall writing process is a seamless one.