Almost 1/4 of Poles are considering switching to an electric car. This is a historic result

Luc Williams

Poles' interest in electric cars is growing

23% of people are ready to switch to an electric car. Poles, while four years ago only 7 percent declared such a possibility. – results from the latest edition of the annual “New Mobility Barometer” study prepared by the Polish Association of New Mobility (PSNM) and described by “PB”.

“However, it is worth noting that our study also shows that for most Poles to actually consider buying an electric car, the average cost of such a car should be reduced by about 23%. This is a value lower by 3 percentage points compared to last year and at the same time an important signal for producers and government administration. It is crucial to continue activities to reduce the prices of electric cars to make them more accessible to a wider audience,” Aleksander Rajch, member of the PSNM management board, told the daily.

Price expectations

Respondents do not believe that the prices of electric vehicles should be equal to the prices of combustion cars. “Poles are ready to pay more provided that zero-emission vehicles meet their expectations,” the text emphasizes. The budget for purchasing a new electric car, which 46% have. surveyed, is at least 100 thousand. PLN, and 17 percent is able to pay 150 thousand PLN and more.

“PB” described customers' expectations regarding electric cars available on the market.

“The Fiat 500e should cost PLN 96.2 thousand to arouse their real interest. They set the upper limit of the acceptable price at PLN 116.9 thousand, while its catalog prices start from PLN 130.9 thousand. BMW i5 starts with a price list from PLN 345,000, while the price arousing interest was set at PLN 206,200-237,500. The VW ID.7 is also very expensive , meanwhile the car costs from PLN 276.7 thousand,” we read.

“PB” added that, according to respondents, the Tesla Y is priced almost perfectly. Its prices start from PLN 205,000. PLN, meanwhile respondents are willing to pay PLN 202.5-232.7 thousand. zloty. For example, the Citroen e-C3 is also priced as expected. The price list starts from PLN 110.6 thousand. PLN, meanwhile the respondents are able to pay PLN 120-142.5 thousand. zloty.

“This year's barometer shows that Poles are increasingly open to electromobility. Awareness of the benefits of e-mobility is growing, and price expectations are becoming more and more realistic,” Albert Kania from PSNM told “Puls Biznesu”. (PAP)

Author: Anita Karwowska


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