China dominates nuclear energy. In this field, they were 15 years ahead of the USA

Luc Williams

As reported, 27 nuclear reactors are currently being built in China, and their average construction time is about seven years, much shorter than in other countries.

Nuclear power plants in the USA with obstacles

There are currently no nuclear reactors being built in the United States. The last two major nuclear plants came online in 2023 and 2024 in Georgia, with investments that were years behind schedule and ended up costing billions of dollars over the original budget.

The USA has the most nuclear power plants in the world. President Joe Biden and his administration think it's practical emission-free energy sourceand is crucial to limiting climate change.

Chinese support for nuclear energy

According to experts Chinese state banks they offer loans with an interest rate of only 1.4 percent, which is much lower than in Western economies. Chinese nuclear energy benefits from constant state support, which has allowed it to dominate the global sector renewable energy and production of electric vehicles.

The world's first so-called fourth-generation high-temperature gas-cooled reactor it was launched in December 2023 at the Shidao Bay power plant in eastern China's Shandong province. The China Nuclear Energy Association reported that the reactor was made of materials that are 93.4 percent they come from the country.

The USA lacks a strategy for developing zero-emission energy

Report author Stephen Ezell said that if the US was serious about nuclear energy, it should develop a solid national nuclear strategy. “Even though the US is behind, it is certainly capable catch up on technological backlogs“- he said. The US Ministry of Energy did not comment on the report.

According to a US government agency US Energy Information Administration (EIA) there are currently 54 commercial nuclear power plants with a total of 94 reactors in 28 states. There are 23 nuclear power plants in China with a total of 55 reactors. (PAP)

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