Defining Originality

Dissertation Writing Help: Defining Originality

It is true that there is nothing easy about writing a dissertation; but, one of the most challenging aspects of dissertation writing has to be creating an original one. As more students continue on to earn their doctorate degrees, more dissertations are written leaving fewer ideas for future students to research and debate. What are graduate student to do to create original dissertations? How can they avoid unintentionally writing a dissertation that is similar to one that has already been submitted? How does one define originality when it comes to dissertation writing?

Unoriginal Ideas Brought to New Light

By nature, dissertations are not original. Since they rely on research conducted by other people, dissertations are no longer truly original. The originality comes into play when graduate students take the research conducted by others and find a new use for it. Students can also create original dissertations when they use research that seems to be completely unrelated, but find something that can be connected. This means that doctoral students working on their dissertations need to do an extensive amount of reading, even in subjects that may not have an obvious relationship to the degree they are pursuing.

Voice and Personality Opening Up New Ideas

Another way to include originality is with voice and personality. Not every doctorate student is comfortable including voice in their writing because most academic writing is unbiased with a neutral voice. However, at the dissertation stage, inclusion of some voice is acceptable because the dissertation writer truly is an expert at this level. The voice should not be casual, but it should continue to be professional and academic. Readers will appreciate reading your dissertation because of the voice along with the facts and opinions you include. Anything that you can do to increase the readership and readability of your dissertation will help make it original.

Be Unique by Checking Your Work

Fortunately, students of all levels can check their writing against plagiarism checking software. Some of that software is available as free online apps, but some software requires paid subscriptions. Colleges and universities usually have subscriptions for students and many professors require their students to submit all of their writing through those plagiarism checkers. If any part of your dissertation shows signs of plagiarism, even if it is not intentional, it is recommended to fix those parts to make them different from every other dissertation. It is worth trying to be original, because the best dissertations can be published to make money for the writers.