Dissertation Paper

How to Define Terms in a Dissertation Paper


When writing a dissertation, a student will write about a topic that they have chosen and sometimes, that topic is not overly popular.  The topic can be very scientific or subject specific and that tends to mean that it has a language of its own.  While others who are in the same academic track or major will know what the words mean an outsider might not.  So it’s important to define the specific terminology of the topic, but how should a student work in a definition into a dissertation paper without taking away from the paper itself? Here are a few ideas on how to do this:


Ideas of How to Incorporate Definitions into a Dissertation:

The student should choose how they want to incorporate the definition of the paper based on the type of dissertation they are writing.  They should sample each type to see how each idea will best fit into the overall layout and design of the dissertation.   It’s important that the audience will understand the terms of the paper, so they can follow the overarching ideas of the paper.