Entry ban for old cars in Warsaw from July – what do you need to know?

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No entry will apply petrol cars older than those produced in 1997 and with a diesel engine older than 2005

This is no more than 3 percent of cars in Warsaw. Half of these cars are cars of residents who may receive exemptions,” said ZDM director Łukasz Puchalski. He added that about half of these 3 percent are cars qualifying for one of several types of so-called exemptions from the rules provided for by law or established by the Warsaw Council .

Possibility to check the vehicle on the ZDM website

On the ZDM website https://zdm.waw.pl/sprawy/strefa-czygo-transportu/ there is a tab: Check your vehicle, where you can check whether the vehicle can enter the zone.

In case of refusal you can apply for an exemption. Natural persons, i.e. residents, must meet the requirements – live and settle taxes in Warsaw, be a senior, have a European parking card, receive an exemption for a special or historic vehicle. Companies that have their headquarters or settle taxes in Warsaw, have a European card, or have a special or historic car may also apply for the exemption.

Temporary layoffs for Warsaw residents

People residing in Warsaw and paying taxes in the capital will be exempt from meeting the zone requirements in the first two stages of its introduction. The SCT rules will apply to them only from January 2028 – then they will not be able to drive in the zone with a diesel vehicle older than 14 years or a petrol vehicle older than 23 years.

This exception applies to people who owned their vehicles before January 1, 2024. An additional exception will also be introduced for seniors (people who turned 70 by the end of 2023), provided that they owned their vehicles before January 1, 2024.

Additional exceptions to SCT requirements

There are additional exceptions to the requirements. They concern statutory exclusions: for services, vehicles used by people with disabilities, or, for example, school buses. Antique and historical vehicles, as well as special ones – such as a hearse or roadside assistance – can move around the zone.

The commune may allow: occasional entry into the zone – to be used 4 days a year.

Submitting applications online

Conclusions can be submitted online. After meeting the requirements, you receive a virtual exemption and confirmation of your authorization to enter SCT.

Puchalski pointed out that the city reported that the sticker was unnecessary. It also sent letters to modify the act and regulation. “Nobody needs these stickers. We can verify the authorization by contacting the Central Vehicle Register and the database that we will generate ourselves,” added the ZDM director.

SCT sticker controversy

He emphasized that although the requirement to have a sticker is stipulated in the Act, there is no fine for not having it. “It is an offense punishable by a fine of PLN 500 to enter SCT without authorization,” he noted.

In the next two weeks, several dozen signs informing about entering the zone will be placed at the entrances to the SCT area. They will be covered for now and will come into force on July 1. “Additionally, in addition to the statutory requirement, in July we will add information signs announcing the entry to SCT” – added Puchalski.

Placement of signs informing about SCT

He recalled that the SCT area is 7%. city ​​area.

Road workers have already tested the device, which they want to make available to the City Guard by the end of the year. “Both the Police and the City Guard have the right to stop a vehicle for inspection. However, we tested a camera-based inspection system that works on the principle of pre-selection. It catches a vehicle that does not meet the standards, and then a patrol stationed 200 meters away stops it for inspection, being certain that it does not meet the standards,” Puchalski said.

Information point for residents

The city launched special information point at ul. Chmielna 124 (entrance from ul. Żelazna) operating on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. You can also contact the city number 19115.

Zone boundaries they will coincide with main roads and railway lines. They will be appointed by: al. Prymasa Tysiąclecia, Al. Jerozolimskie, Trasa Łazienkowska, al. United States, ul. Wiatraczna, and then the railway tracks along the northern railway ring road up to al. Primate of the Millennium. Streets constituting the boundaries will not be included in the zone. (PAP)

Author: Marta Stańczyk


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