Free Dissertation

Free Dissertation Assistance for Undergraduates

Working on a thesis for an honor’s degree or to complete your undergraduate program? Having trouble? Most students who are trying to complete a dissertation enlist professional help at one point or another. They may consult with their tutoring center, their academic adviser, they instructor, their committee, or with an online source. There are many options to choose from, so there is no need to ever face your dissertation alone.

Of course, most students are also on a tight budget and cannot afford to hire specialized, one-on-one dissertation help. These days, though, there are a wealth of options both online and at your university, many of which are absolutely free and can be tailored to fix your busy schedule. Here are just a few of the places to turn when your dissertation starts filling your nightmares and daydreams with anxiety.

Your Adviser

If you are completing an honor’s thesis or undergraduate dissertation, you have either been assigned an academic adviser or you have selected one yourself. This person is responsible for your tutelage and ultimately your success in the program. A good adviser should be happy to meet with you and provide detailed notes, suggestions, edits, and advice on completing your dissertation.

How do you get this help? It’s very simple: Just ask. Email your adviser and tell them the nature of your problem with your dissertation, and ask if you can meet. Your adviser will either reply via email or will contact you about meeting in their office on campus. Be polite and patient; academic advisers have a lot on their plate and you may have to be flexible with their schedule. However, the help they will provide will be the very best.

A School Tutor

If your dissertation requires some grammatical, formatting, or stylistic editing, your school’s writing center is the place to go. Most universities operate a writing center that is open all day throughout the week, and staffed by English majors and graduate students. You may not even have to make an appointment with these professionals. Bring a copy of your paper in and allot an hour or two to discuss the project with your writing assistant; they will have numerous useful edits that will improve the writing quality of your paper.

Note, of course, that this option is not as viable if your dissertation’s problem is theoretical or methodological.

A Graduate Student

Have you taken classes from a TA or graduate instructor in the department that houses your major? If so, you may wish to approach such a person with a rough draft of your dissertation, or even just to discuss a few rough ideas! Be willing to offer research assistance or other volunteer work in return. Graduate students are often at the absolute forefront of their fields and will be an excellent source of dissertation help if you can find one who knows you and is available to assist!