Fit for 55: Only four countries filed on time. What are the consequences for latecomers?

Luc Williams

The deadline for submitting applications passed at the end of June. energy and climate plans. As reported by the European Commission on Monday, only four countries submitted their final documents on time: the Netherlands, Denmark, Finland and Sweden.

In their energy and climate plans, Member States indicate how they want to implement the EU’s climate goals. Countries submitted such documents setting out their policies for the current decade in 2019. However, in connection with the European Green Deal and “Fit for 55” package raising the greenhouse gas reduction target for 2030 (by 55% compared to 1990), countries had to update their commitments.

Possible legal consequences for failure to meet deadlines

June 30 was the deadline for submitting the final plans. EC spokesman Tim McPhie announced that the issue of the failure of most member states to meet the deadlines will be raised at the meetings of energy and climate ministers scheduled for July. “We reserve the right to initiate other legal procedures if necessary and appropriate,” he emphasized. It is possible to initiate procedures for infringement of EU law, which may end with a lawsuit to the Court of Justice of the EU.

The EC has launched such proceedings against Poland and Bulgaria and Austria in December 2023. At that time, the issue was the failure to meet the deadline for submitting a draft updated plan. The government made up for the arrears and submitted the draft plan to the EC in March this year. A month later, the EC decided to close the procedure for Poland and Bulgaria; it is still being conducted for Austria.

Poland must raise decarbonisation targets

In its assessment of the draft Polish plan from April this year, the EC asked the Polish authorities to raise decarbonization goals for 2030

The preliminary version of the Polish document from 29 February this year assumes an increase in ambition in energy and climate policy, but – as the Ministry of Climate stated – it does not take into account the latest changes from the “Fit for 55” package.

From Brussels Magdalena Cedro (PAP)


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