Jamundí, plagued by violence; Petro, in Sweden “and I have never encountered a Police or Army checkpoint”

Luc Williams

Jamundí (Valle del Cauca) is plagued by violence. Last Sunday it was reported that five people were murdered, including a councilor and a popular music singer, in two different events between Friday night and Saturday in Jamundí (Valle del Cauca) and Corinto (Cauca).

On Saturday afternoon, councilor Jhon Fredy Gil was shot in Jamundi. “This is a cowardly act that threatens democracy and our institutions,” reported the municipality's mayor on the social network Before becoming a councilor, Gil was spokesperson for a group of farmers growing coca leaves, marijuana and poppies.

For his part, the musician Sebastián Muñoz died along with his DJ when they were attacked by gunfire in the municipality of Corinto, in the department of Cauca. In the same events, two other people died, according to Miller Hurtado, departmental secretary of Security. Authorities launched an investigation into the murders. Muñoz was at the venue hired to give a private concert, according to a post on Instagram from his work team.

And this Tuesday, Jamundí is once again hit by violent people. A strong explosion occurred this Wednesday morning in the main park of the municipality. What is known so far is that the motorcycle was loaded with explosive devices and detonated around 6:50 in the morning in a corner of the main park of the municipality, where several bank offices operate, including Bancolombia and AVVillas, a place that at that time time is very busy.

On the second floor of this place there is a gym that was also affected, as well as a mobile Police CAI that was in that sector. “We do not believe that it was an attack against Bancolombia, because the headquarters of the AV Villas bank is also affected”, a source from the authorities confirmed to SEMANA. The main hypothesis is that the attack was directed against the police mobile CAI. For now, the authorities are doing a sweep to know the number of injured, preliminarily SEMANA learned that two uniformed officers and the same number of civilians were injured.

Cauca and Valle del Cauca are key departments for irregular actors in Colombia. Dissidents of that organization operate there and continue trafficking cocaine, as well as other drug trafficking groups. It is a strategic area “in a guerrilla war,” as described by Duvalier Sánchez, representative to the Chamber for the Green Alliance, in a debate he held with Christian Garcés, his counterpart belonging to the Democratic Center and retired major Jorge Castillo, an intelligence analyst. .

Garcés, in turn, said that Sánchez has responsibility for what happened because he, he said, He was part of that administration when the SEMANA complaint came out. Which complaint? Last March 2, this media denounced that “Mr. Jaime is the guerrilla bloc that has founded an independent republic under the noses of the authorities and public forces in Cali: they are the law, the god who decides about life, the hand that provides and takes away. They are the almighty. As in the worst times of the drug trafficking cartels, they have two gas stations with modern facilities. The structures are located in La Liberia and La Cabaña. The fuel tanker is the only one that has permission to travel in those areas, the other heavy vehicles are stolen, burned or shot at.”

According to Garcés, Sánchez, as general secretary of the Jamundí Mayor's Office, allowed the service stations to be under the control of drug trafficking. Sánchez responded that he was a contractor, not general secretary. “You are going to have me killed, Christian, don't continue with that, I humanly ask you to.”

The EMC of Cauca and the Valley return to doing what they know how to do: Kill humble people from the town. Their path is greed for which they do not care about the destruction of communities. The EMC is a force hostile to the people. The Army must complete the offensive in the Micay canyon,” he wrote in X from the Old Continent.


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