Lack of trust in the media. In these countries it is the worst (MAP)

Luc Williams

Based on the recent Statista Consumer Insights study, which covered 38 countriesStatista created a map of distrust in the news media. The map shows that whether or not people trust the media varies by geographic region.

The country with the lowest trust in the media

In a study conducted between April 2023 and March 2024. 41 percent of Serbian respondents said they do not trust the media. Distrust of the media can potentially be attributed to the growing violence in the media and the disregard for journalistic ethics in many outlets, according to a press article by Reporters Without Borders.

Behind Serbia comes Greece, where 38 percent declared a lack of trust in the media respondents and on Hungary, where 27 percent respondents say they do not trust the media.

The Japanese trust the media

At the other end of the spectrum was Japan, where only 6 percent respondents said they did not trust mass media. The next were Finland with distrust at 8 percent and China. In the Middle Kingdom, every tenth person asked declared that they did not trust the information provided by the media.

Overall, 20 of the 38 countries reported a distrust rate between 10 and 15 percent. This group included countries such as Canada, Germany (15 percent each), Brazil (14 percent) and Italy (13 percent).

Poland is between the US and the UK

The next group, where distrust of the media was between 16 and 20 percent, included Great Britain (6 percent) and the United States (20 percent). Among the 10 countries belonging to this group was also Poland.

Among European countries, the French had the least trust in the media, with 21% not trusting the messages they heard in the media.

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