Maria Fernanda Cabal makes a terrifying prediction: the paramilitaries may return and these are her arguments

Luc Williams

The ‘total peace’ promoted by the government of President Gustavo Petro has not been effective. In contrast, security in the regions is on high alert and criminal groups continue to do their thing.

In the space ofSenator María Fernanda Cabal made an x-ray of the complex situation that is experienced in the country due to criminal activity of groups outside the law.

“Armed groups are having a feast. Coca is growing, they are cutting down forests (…), they are stocking up on illegal and cutting-edge weapons to shoot down helicopters, drones to kill soldiers and police. We are in a macabre reality that Petro does not want to see because he does not live in that same reality; he lives his ‘total peace’ that does not exist,” Cabal said.

Cabal said that the head of state “enjoys” all this savagery. “In their internal values, they do not have that scale defined, they do not care. They want power, money, they are oblivious to a tragic reality and this will only serve him because he will leave a country totally dismembered.”

Terrifying prediction

The senator stressed that Gustavo Petro still has two years left in his government. As such, she made a terrifying prediction about what would eventually happen in Colombia if the situation remains the same.

“People who do not leave the country or people whose survival or investment in their lives is in the region will seek to defend themselves. So, the phenomenon of self-defense will return again – which people feel is legitimate because the State left them alone. Then it will escalate and they will join with some drug traffickers who are fed up with Petro and the paramilitary phenomenon will return.. Guerrilla multiplied by N paramilitary groups, also financed by drug trafficking, and in half, the civilian population,” Cabal predicted.

“The story that was told to us that the peasants only had to grow coca is a lie (…). You will not find any region where the peasant family has prospered and the business is coca, it is the destruction of the family nucleus (…). It’s the underworld, as if coke brought coke“, Cabal rounded off in the space of


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