New URE tariffs for electricity. President Gawin explains why we will pay more

Luc Williams

According to estimates of the Energy Regulatory Officethe change on July 1 of the frozen price from PLN 412 to PLN 500 per MWh will translate into approximately PLN 14.5 more on the bill per month in the case of a household with average electricity consumption.

Approved tariffs for energy sellers for 2024-2025

The President of the Energy Regulatory Office approved tariffs for five so-called ex officio sellers: PGE Obrót, Tauron Sprzedaż, Enea, Energa Obrót and Tauron Sprzedaż GZE, with them being valid from 1 July 2024 until the end of 2025.

“The approved tariffs are the result of the Regulator’s dialogue with each of the sellers, which lasts until the President of the Energy Regulatory Office is sure that the final, approved tariff level corresponds to current market conditions and reflects the justified costs of the entrepreneurs’ activities,” he explained. President of the Energy Regulatory Office, Rafał Gawinquoted in the release.

Some fees increase, others disappear from the bill

Also from July 1, the freeze on the amount of another item on the electricity bill – distribution fees – disappears. They increase from PLN 289 to PLN 430 per MWh.which, with average household consumption, means about PLN 23.50 more per month. At the same time, the act exempts households from another item on the bill – the capacity fee, which for an average recipient amounts to PLN 10.64 net per month. Ultimately, the bill of such an average household will increase by PLN 27.50 net per month, i.e. by over PLN 33 after adding VAT and excise duty. According to the act, this system is to be in force until the end of 2024. (PAP)

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