Petru: We will propose reducing health insurance contributions for employees and entrepreneurs

Luc Williams

In an interview with Polsat News, Ryszard Petru announced that together with the project, the premium would be reduced Poland 2050 will show proposals for cuts in state spending. “As part of this project, we will present possible savings in the state budget and public finances, so that health care – the National Health Fund – does not lose this money,” he noted.

He said that he had talked about this issue several times with the Minister of Finance, Andrzej Domański (Civic Coalition) and presented him with calculations related to reducing the contribution amount. The costs of such a change were estimated by the Polish 2050 MP at approximately PLN 15 billion, and the level of savings that could be achieved – PLN 24 billion.

Ryszard Petru emphasized that since the Coalition took over the government on October 15, there has been no review of public expenditure in individual ministries and extra-budgetary funds. He pointed out that cutting expenses could include, among others: Covid fund. However, they would not cover 800+. “This is not the subject of our proposal,” the MP noted, adding that it is necessary to evaluate the program for paying this benefit.

The Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Health in March this year. presented their proposal to reduce health insurance contributions from 2025, but only for entrepreneurs. According to Ryszard Petru, such a solution “is unfair” because it encourages “to become a pseudo-entrepreneur just to pay lower contributions and lower taxes.”

Petru rules out raising the tax-free allowance to PLN 60,000. zloty

The Polish 2050 politician said that he could not imagine “this coalition not lowering health insurance premiums.” However, he ruled out a quick reduction of the tax-free amount to PLN 60,000. PLN, because the budget currently cannot afford such an expense (PLN 30-40 billion).

Until the end of 2021, entrepreneurs paid a flat-rate contribution of 9%. from min. 75 percent average salary in the enterprise sector (then it was PLN 381.81 per month). Part of it could be deducted from tax (the fee was PLN 53.03 per month). This formula was replaced by a contribution determined on the basis of the amount of tax income for entrepreneurs taxed under general principles or by a flat tax. After the changes, entrepreneurs began to pay 9% on the tax scale. on income, people on flat tax – 4.9 percent on income, and lump sum recipients, depending on income – this year they pay from PLN 419.46 to PLN 1,258.39 per month for health insurance. Contributions are currently not tax deductible as they were before the change.

According to the forecast presented by the Ministry of Health when presenting the assumptions for reducing the contribution, the estimated expenditure on health care in 2025 is to amount to approximately PLN 224 billion, of which PLN 168 billion are revenues from contributions to the National Health Fund (excluding transfers from budgets). This year’s expenditure on health care is PLN 197.3 billion. (PAP)

Author: Anita Karwowska


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