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Interesting Marketing Thesis Topics

If you are enrolled in a Marketing Master’s program, you are fully aware of the impending project for the completion of the program. At the end of any master’s program, you are required to write a thesis paper that compiles all of the information, data, and findings that were a result of your clinical experiences. As a marketing major, it is expected that you will have a great presentation for your master’s findings. You will be expected to have a compelling thesis topic. There are specific guidelines for a properly formed thesis statement. Some of the most important thesis statement guidelines are as follows. Your thesis statement should:

If your thesis statement is missing any of these aspects, then it will need to be revisited along the way to be edited to make sure that it follows the guidelines. Once you have your compelling thesis statement, you can get to work modeling the rest of your marketing thesis paper around the support of that argument. There are many marketing thesis topics that are compelling and that will prove to be thought provoking for the majority of the audience. Some of the best marketing thesis topics are as follows:

These are just a few of the best marketing topics for today’s world. There are many various elements to marketing that are impacted by technology and the advancements that are made daily. Therefore, any thesis topic on the impact of technology on the marketing work is important to be considered for a great thesis statement. Remember, your thesis statement should be somewhat controversial and get people thinking. There will inevitably be people who disagree with you, and that can even be a good thing. This will give you ample room to use your clinical findings to prove your argument with facts from clinical research. You must support your argument with only facts. This is not an emotional, opinion-based argument; this is the scientific study of a controversial argument regarding marketing in the real world.