The hall on Marywilska will be rebuilt. A special regulation will speed up the work

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Reconstruction of the hall at ul. Marywilska

Thursday Mazovian Voivode Mariusz Frankowski was a guest of Radio RDC. During the broadcast he spoke, among others: about the reconstruction of those destroyed as a result fire in the hall at ul. Marywilska in Warsaw and helping injured people.

The voivode noted that preparations for the reconstruction of the hall are underway. “On Tuesday, I received a request from the capital city of Warsaw to ask the Prime Minister to issue a special regulation that would cover the Białołęka district and would make it possible to accelerate the reconstruction process (of the hall – PAP) and apply a special procedure regarding a natural disaster” – Frankowski said. He added that the application is being analyzed and will probably be forwarded to the Prime Minister’s Office. According to the voivode, the regulation is an important document because it would speed up the reconstruction procedure of the hall.

Help for the injured and temporary containers

Frankowski also noted that help is still being provided to those affected by the hall fire. Work is also underway to place temporary containers in place of the hall. “The company has already declared an increase in their number from 460 to 600; they are to be launched on August 1,” he announced. For the first three months, tenants of the temporary space will pay the company a “symbolic zloty”.

The voivode summarized the government’s assistance so far provided to those affected by the fire.

Financial support and ZUS relief for the injured

Frankowski said that as part of the support from the Industrial Development Agency Foundation, 400 applications for PLN 2,000 were submitted. zloty. one-time aid. “Additionally, there was the possibility of ZUS relief and the possibility of waiving contributions,” he added. He informed that 120 applications had been submitted, and most of them concerned the deferral of contributions.

Another program was implemented by the Labor Office of the capital city of Warsaw. Warsaw. So far, almost 100 applications have been submitted in this regard, to maintain employment in individual companies for 3 months.

Involvement of the National Tax Administration

The National Tax Administration was also involved in the assistance. Companies had the option of paying tax payments in installments or deferring them.

“It seems that the next step and support would be the possibility of releasing funds, e.g. in the form of loans, which would allow for reconstruction or investment (…), e.g. for stocking goods,” he said. He added that such possibilities exist at the level of Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego or Loan Funds.

Market hall fire and reconstruction plans

On May 12, the market hall at 44 Marywilska Street, where there were over 1,400 shops and service points, burned down. The tenant of the land declares that he will want to rebuild the market hall. (PAP)

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