Economics Dissertation

Economics Dissertation: The Theoretical Foundations

In order to properly cover this topic, we should first discover what theoretical foundations actually are…in layman’s terms.

Theoretical Foundations

A foundation is what something is built on. The root word of theoretical is theory. In basic English then a theoretical foundation would be something that is built on (foundation) a theory (theoretical). When the dissertation happens to be on economics then you have a paper about economics that is built on theoretical economic situations or structures.

Theoretical type dissertations usually involve an analysis or a critiquing of some of the current theories of different definitions of certain concepts within the field that the dissertation is discussing…in this case economics. It also involves something called qualitative research which will in turn develop either conceptual or theoretical models. Approaching the issue from a qualitative avenue can be just as difficult as a quantitative one is and should not be used in order to just go the easy way because this is not it.

Alright, now that we have figured that part out the rest should be quite simple.

Getting Started

You know that your Economics Dissertation will have a theoretical foundation and now you know exactly what that is. So, it is time to come up with your thesis statement. Make sure that your thesis statement is clear and concise and can be proven or disproven through your research. Discuss the methods that you will take in finding out whether it is to be proven or disproven. State very clearly your intents and purposes for this dissertation. Once you have your thesis statement you can begin making your outline with each bullet point being a different aspect of your research. An effective outline will be written in such a way that each point in turn will build on the one preceding it.

Next you get to conduct the research or build the models that will be included in your dissertation. Plug all of that into the outline and be sure to include references if any were used. Because dissertations are generally done in APA format you will have to use in-text citations as well as a reference page. Be sure to follow all APA guidelines for punctuation and capitalization too.

Sum everything up in the last part of the dissertation and proofread it. Look for spelling, punctuation and grammar errors and correct what you find. When you finish, save it to the hard drive and print out a copy.