They air the intimidation that Laura Sarabia’s brother did to the journalist who unmasked them before Colombia

Luc Williams

A new scandal surrounds Laura Sarabia, director of the Administrative Department of the Presidency of the Republic, since her brother Andrés Sarabia was accused of allegedly ‘leading’ a “contracting carousel” within the national government.

This controversial complaint was exposed by Alejandro Villanueva, director of the digital media outlet, who dared to put the spotlight on the family of the official, who is currently one of the people closest to President Gustavo Petro.

Then, he specified: “Because it is important? Because both Jaime Ramírez Cobo and his girlfriend, Daniela Andrade, who worked at Fiduprevisora ​​and made the payment for the La Guajira tank trucks, filed a complaint with the Prosecutor’s Office. Not so that this could be investigated, but so that they could get to the bottom of where those comments came from. They made this complaint public.”

After the impact that these statements had, Andrés Sarabia reported the journalist to the Attorney General’s Office for the crimes of libel and slander. The young man’s defense emphasized that they hope that with this judicial action the attacks against the Sarabia surname will end.

Villanueva, however, did not sit still and hired the services of lawyer Iván Cancino, who spoke exclusively with him this Wednesday and pointed out that this complaint is a clear intimidation against his client.

“What they want is a retraction. Everyone has the right to progress, that is not a crime. But what he cannot do is go out with bravado at press conferences to intimidate a young journalist. This habit of victimizing oneself is not correct. We are not going to allow a young journalist to be run over,” said the jurist.

Likewise, he ruled: “They are persecuting a not so well-known person to send a message of intimidation. Andrés Sarabia cannot intimidate with this type of messages and by suing the press, we cannot allow that. We are not going to allow him to mess with the weakest. It is clear that we are not going to back down.”

It should be remembered that the younger brother of the Dapre director agreed to answer some questions in . The business administrator was emphatic when saying that he does not have any influence peddling network within the national government, pointing out that he is the victim of a smear campaign through several WhatsApp chains.


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