They open 500 scholarships to study technology careers: it's that easy to apply

Luc Williams

Technological careers today are making great progress and there is an increasing demand for jobs related to this industry, so there are many opportunities.

Taking this panorama into account, a global digital and cognitive development company, decided to open 500 scholarships for people who are interested in training in technological careers in Latin American countries, among which is Colombia. Furthermore, with the aim of closing the gap between men and women, half of these opportunities will be for women.

One of the courses is Back-end with Java, in which participants will develop knowledge to learn how to develop modern applications from scratch, which they will achieve using Java and the Spring framework.

In addition, there will also be classes to learn quality software development using tools such as JUnit and Git. Likewise, they will be able to design Back-end applications using the most used technologies in the industry.

Another course will be Quality Control + Automation with which you can acquire skills to build a test automation system. The course will also have classes to learn how to use tools such as Selenium and Cypress, leaders in different areas, and manage quality control solutions in software projects.

Requirements to apply for the scholarship

  • Residing in Colombia, Peru, Uruguay, Chile or Argentina.
  • Have completed secondary education.
  • Have a computer with a camera, microphone and a good internet connection.
  • Intermediate level of English.
  • Basic computer knowledge.
  • Hourly availability of eight hours of synchronous course and four of asynchronous course per week

It is important to specify that classes will be carried out through videoconferences in a virtual classroom, which will allow the scholarship recipients to interact with colleagues from other countries and learn collaboratively.

How to register?

  • You must access the registration form, fill it out and complete the introductory work which will consist, among other things, of logic and text comprehension exercises. This must be done before June 24, the registration deadline.
  • If you pass the previous step and are approved, you will have to face a soft skills test.
  • After completing the two previous steps, you will receive an email confirming the vacancy and instructions to start classes in August.


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