Two Colombian schools were selected among the best in the world: they will seek to win an important distinction

Luc Williams

Two public schools in Colombia are on the list of the best in the world and were selected to be finalists for the World's Best School Prizes 2024, organized by T4 Education, in collaboration with Accenture, American Express and the Lemann Foundation.

There are five categories in which you can participate in the World's Best School Prizes: Environmental Action, Overcoming Adversity, Collaboration with the Community, Innovation and Promotion of Healthy Lives.

The outstanding and finalist schools in Colombia

In total there were 50 schools chosen and they are in the 10th of each of the categories mentioned above. In the case of Colombia, there are two educational institutions that were selected and, in this way, they are among the best in the world.

La Giralda School, located in Bogotá, was selected among the 10 best in the world in the Healthy Lives category. This choice was made thanks to its innovative Socio-Emotional Gym, which has an approach that helps significantly reduce conflicts, while promoting resilience among its students who live in a context of social vulnerability.

With different initiatives, this institution, which is located in the Las Cruces neighborhood, has managed to reduce school coexistence problems by up to 67% and, in addition, dropout rates have remained below 1%.

“The school's efforts go beyond immediate educational outcomes, influencing broader community engagement. Seeing the positive effects on the students, both teachers and parents began to participate in this space,” points out the World's Best School Prizes.

The World's Best School Prizes highlights that this institution always seeks to emphasize a culture of innovation and care for the environment. “Their efforts have led to important educational reforms and community engagement, influencing public policy and inspiring a new generation of ecologically conscious citizens,” they emphasize.

In addition, the organization indicated that there will be a sixth winner who will be chosen by public vote and will receive the Community Choice Award. You'll also get a free membership to the Best School to Work program.

These awards are not unknown to Colombia, since in 2023 a school from Pitalito (Huila) was the winner in the Environmental Action category. Now it is expected that the turn will be for these two.


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