Where do they serve the most delicious dishes? Here are the 50 best restaurants in the world

Luc Williams

It was recognized as the best restaurant in 2024 Disfrutar in Barcelonaand were followed by Asador Etxebarri in Atxondo (Spain) i Table in Paris. In total, of the top ten restaurants this year, five were located in Europe (of which three in Spain, one in France and one in Denmark) and three in Latin America: Maido in Lima, Quintonil in Mexico and Don Julio in Buenos Aires. The best culinary address in Asia was Gaggan from Bangkok, ranked 9th.

Only one restaurant with United States was on the list this year. This is the sixth Atomix restaurant in Manhattan's Koreatown. This place specializing in modern Korean cuisine has moved up two places since last year.

The list of the 50 best restaurants in the world was first announced 20 years ago by the British magazine Restaurant Magazine as an alternative to the system Michelin stars. In recent years ranking was met with criticism due to the low availability of award-winning restaurants. In addition, there were voices that the jurors favored restaurant owners they know, and the entities presented in it operate mainly in Europe and several large metropolises around the world.

Looking at the list below, it is hard to disagree with this. And it's a pity that there weren't any Polish restaurants among the finalists.

Best restaurants 2024 / statista.com

Hot topic: tipping

Where we talk about restaurants and good food, we should also mention tips. In Poland this is a difficult topic: we are not willing to give them. But this is not only a problem for Poles.

Culture tipping is becoming more and more common, and with it the concept of “guilty/forced tipping” has also emerged. According to a 2021 survey conducted by Statista Consumer Insights in six countries, reluctance to expect consumers to have to tip was at the highest in Sweden. There, more than four out of ten people said that staff should not expect tips. IN Great Britain the percentage of people who thought that tipping should not be obvious was similarly high and amounted to 41%. However, among residents United States and Italian This method of remunerating service had by far the fewest opponents: 22 percent, respectively. and 18 percent

Who is the most likely to tip? /statista.com

Perhaps the reluctance to tip is an increasingly common practice adding 10 percent value of ordered dishes and drinks added to the bill. According to a recent CNBC report, nearly three-quarters of American adults believe that tipping is out of control. When paying the bill, most consumers forget that waiting tables is a very physically and often mentally demanding job, and the restaurant business is rarely profitable. The exception are franchise chain stores such as McDonald's, KFCWhether PizzaHutor Polish Chłopskie Jadło and Sphinx.


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