The thesis is an essential element in obtaining a Masters or PH.D. The topics  for the thesis paper are usually given by the advisor to the researcher. The researcher has to present his topic to a committee of professors who will question him about his choice.


The researcher must consider the question of topic selection very carefully.


It is wise and essential to select a topic that you know something about and thus the role of your research advisor who knows you and your capabilities is an important source of guidance for selecting your thesis topic. If you are a graduate in literature then you will not take a science or technical topic. Ideally the topic for the thesis will emerge from work you have already carried out and you may develop a particular aspect of a topic which has not been tackled before. You will need to write something that is interesting and instructive and can be used by other researchers who will cite you as an authority.


Whilst others including your advisor can provide you with topics it is you who must establish your ownership of the project which is your thesis. You have to have the will power to carry through this major project which is yours, to completion. You have to convince your committee of professors and your peers by strength of evidence, research and your grasp of the argument. What you begin with as your topic may change or vary as you pursue your thesis.