Will the Warsaw Clean Transport Zone motivate drivers to switch to less emission cars?

Luc Williams

Since July 1st this year, the first such law in Poland has been in force in Warsaw. Clean Transport Zone (SCT). It covers an area of ​​37 square kilometers of the city, including a large part of the city center and parts of the surrounding districts. SCT is also planned to be introduced in other Polish cities.

Drivers’ reaction to the Clean Transport Zone

According to the latest report by Sixt Polska, 44% of drivers declared that they are thinking about change of vehicle in connection with the introduction of the Clean Transport Zone.

According to the results, the most likely to change their car due to the introduction of SCT are residents of cities with a population of 50,000 to 200,000 (45 percent of indications in this group) and large agglomerations with a population of over 200,000 (41 percent). People working full-time (44 percent) or part-time (41 percent) are more likely to consider it.

Climate awareness among Poles

“Polish society is becoming more aware of climate problems, including high levels of air pollutiona. Especially people with higher education, of whom as many as seven in ten are considering changing their vehicle in connection with the implementation of SCT. It is possible that the tightening regulations will encourage more and more people to exchange their cars for those that meet the requirements. Especially since currently every ninth Pole does not have a formed opinion on the subject – commented Tomasz Cybula from Sixt Polska.

According to Cybula, the result indicating that drivers working full or part time and people living in large cities are most likely to change their cars shows how significant a hindrance SCTs can be, for example, in commuting to work. “Therefore, there is a growing interest in long-term car rental. The rented cars are new and fully adapted to current requirements and regulations, which allows for free movement within Clean Transport Zones,” he added.

SCT Technical Details

The area covered by the SCT restricted the entry of cars emitting the most harmful exhaust fumes. These included petrol cars older than 27 years or not meeting the Euro 2 standard, as well as diesel vehicles older than 19 years or not meeting the Euro 4 standard.

The Clean Transport Zone introduced in the capital in accordance with the requirements of the European Commission is to reduce the level of air pollution and improve the health of residents. The next Polish cities after Warsaw, in which the recommendations of the European Commission are to be created SCT are Krakow, Wroclaw and Katowice.

The SIXT Polska report “Auto na swoim podstaw” was created based on the quantitative CAWI survey on the online panel. The survey was conducted on a representative group of Poles, exclusively drivers, in cooperation with SIXT Polska and SW Research on 15-19.06.2024. The completed sample was N=1009.

SIXT Polska is part of a global network present in 105 countries, which offers car rental services, from short and long term, as well as car rental with a driver. The company has been operating on the Polish market since 2002. (PAP)

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