William Molina reveals for the first time the scolding that Francia Márquez gave him for “denigrating” Petro; he turned his back and walked away

Luc Williams

In Vicky's space in Semana, William Molina recalled what happened that day and revealed, for the first time, how Francia Márquez scolded him for—as he said—“denigrated” President Gustavo Petro.

The young man specified that this interaction with the Minister of Equality was in person. However, there was really very little she could say to him. “I was passing by and she mentioned that to me (…). She was at the lectern at the Teatro Colón and, when I approach, she tells me: 'William, you came to denigrate the president. That is not done, that is a lack of respect'. “Those were his exact words,” he narrated.

William replied: “No ma'am. “I didn't come to disrespect the president.” But Francia Márquez's attitude left a lot to think about. The young man remembered that the senior official simply turned her back on him and left: “She came out and left with her team.”

Strong messages for Gustavo Petro and Francia Márquez

Faced with the shocking scenario, the young man sent a message to President Gustavo Petro: “We must respect the ideals of different positions, whether from the right, the left or the center. That doesn't matter right now. What matters is truly a construction.”

“(…) We must truly govern, but we must govern forcefully, seeing the needs of an urgent people, the young. Also remember, president, that you were elected with thousands of them, who continue to support you today. Do not disappoint them anymore, because there are many young people who continue to trust you and your ministerial team and your government., but if we continue like this, we know that young people today no longer believe, they no longer eat whole food (…). It is the call to take forcefulness, but a real one and not with fallacies and demagogueries (…)”, he added.

Finally, William Molina extended the same message to Vice President Francia Márquez. “(…) One of the most important positions that the vice president has is to be the counselor —and even more so as Minister of Equality—. It is to sit down and review the routes of action and attention that must be provided from the ministry for all these issues that today the youth of Colombia have to live through for having leadership in the territory, for representing human rights or for having positions different from those that this government has (…)”.


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