What Is A Thesis Statement

What Is A Thesis Statement

As soon as you hit post-secondary College or University level education the word “Thesis” seems to get thrown around a lot. Students use it to discuss the status of their writing assignment “Man, I am really stuck on my thesis” and instructors will use it in every single sentence. “Once you have completed writing your thesis, please hand it in. Your thesis is due at the end of the week after we have critically revised our thesis.”

Trust me, by your sophomore year you’ll want to rip your ears off every time that someone says that slithery word “Thesis.”

Everything in college revolves around the coveted thesis and many students just nod their heads and go along with it, because it must be really important!

What is A Thesis Anyways?

I am going to be the first one to tell you that whatever you think that a thesis is, you are probably wrong. If you have been using this word to fit in amongst your peers it is probably time that you let them know that they have been using this word wrong as well.

Your thesis statement is merely the subject that you are examining critically. When you write a thesis statement you are explaining how you are drawing your conclusions.

The reason that “Thesis” gets misused is because it has also become shortened slang for Thesis Paper, so when you talk about it as a noun you are referring to the written assignment “Thesis” no the literal definition of the word.

Clarifying Thesis Paper vs. Thesis Statement

Now that we have gotten that little misconception cleared up, you are probably still a bit curious about what exactly makes up a thesis statement. Well a thesis statement, located within a essay, report, or other writing assignment is simply a clear sentence or two that clarifies what exactly the paper is being written on. Yes ironically your thesis paper will also have a thesis, but that is a given considering it is another form of academic writing.