Meet our team


Journalist and Thesis Writing Consultant

Luc is the driving force behind Sephardic Council. An accomplished journalist with a flair for academic consultancy, he brings a contagious passion for uncovering truths and crafting compelling narratives. Luc’s expertise lies in assisting students from a myriad of disciplines to refine and enhance their thesis work with clarity and impact. His methodical approach and the knack for simplifying complex information make him an invaluable ally for any thesis writer.


Academic Writing and Development Specialist

Marie is a seasoned academic professional with a PhD in Literature and an extensive background in academic writing training. She has dedicated her career to equipping PhD candidates with the skills to articulate their arguments and structure their ideas effectively. Her detail-oriented nature and deep understanding of academic standards make her an essential resource for students aiming to polish their work and impress their examiners.


Thesis Structure and Editing Expert

David is the technical cornerstone at Sephardic Council, specializing in the structuring and fine-tuning of theses. With years helping PhD students to organize their thoughts coherently and refine the formal presentation of their work, David believes that a well-structured thesis is key to a successful defense. His meticulous eye and methodical approach are crucial for students seeking to present their research to the highest academic standards.