Dissertation Writing Manual: Goals and Planning

While the dissertation you’re writing may itself seem to be the critical final part of getting your doctorate, the truth of the matter is that the planning and goal making you undertake in order to complete it are the truly critical matter. These things are absolutely essential to that most important goal: finishing the dissertation at all.

Dissertation Problems

The leading issue facing doctoral candidates is finishing their dissertations. While many students enter doctoral programs, few finish them, and of the many who do not, the majority of them have not completed their dissertations. Even if they’ve completed every other requirement, stopping short at the dissertation seems to be a common problem facing doctoral candidates.

Goals and Planning

Good goal setting and good planning are the best weapons against dissertation fatigue. They’ll also help to keep you organized and motivated, which will result in your writing a great dissertation. The following tips are designed to help you cultivate good habits in your goal setting and planning.