Years well spent

Luc Williams

We have managed not only to help create hundreds of thousands of jobs thanks to cooperation with subsequent governments and local government authorities, but also to increase the competences of Polish women and men, which in turn translates into the inflow of increasingly complex projects and growing role advancement to our country. The sector in Poland has evolved from the role of localization to simple transaction services and this is visible in the statistics – last year the share of knowledge-based processes was 57%.

Jacek Levernes, honorary president of ABSL, co-founder of the organization / photo: press materials

At the beginning, we focused mainly on educational activities for the sector – spreading knowledge about the industry in society, showing the benefits of investment for the labor market and, more broadly, the economy. We continue this activity, but today our mission is broader: we care about maintaining the growth potential of modern business services. This requires a transparent economic policy, legal stability, but also economic diplomacy that supports attracting investments, and this is what we deal with in our everyday activities.

Much of our work takes place in Poland, but we are also present in 10 other countries. This year we took another step by marking our presence in Brussels. This gives us the opportunity to cooperate not only with national but also EU decision-makers. The development of ABSL in other countries has given us access to additional knowledge and experience over the years. All this translates into greater development opportunities for the industry throughout Europe.

We do not rest on our laurels, we constantly identify new challenges facing the sector and look for solutions to them. We take part in legislative work and want to use our economic and legal knowledge to attract new foreign investors to Poland and encourage those already present in our country to reinvest. We also prepare Polish business for the challenges related to the development of new technologies, such as artificial intelligence. We cooperate with universities and draw the attention of politicians to the need for systemic changes in education. In addition, there are changes caused by ESG reporting and its impact on business functioning. We will discuss this with outstanding experts at our annual ABSL Summit conference. This year we will meet in Krakow on June 3-5, and our motto is “Transform to thrive”.


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