2023 will be a much better year for shopping centers. How much have turnover and footfall increased?

Luc Williams

Tenant turnover in shopping centers in 2023 was 9.2%. higher y/y, reported the Polish Council of Shopping Centers (PRCH). Last year, shopping center visitation, measured by the number of customers per 1 m2 of rentable area, was 4.6 percent higher. higher than a year earlier.

Indexes of the Polish Council of Shopping Centersthe largest cyclical study in Poland revolutions and footfall in shopping centers show that in 2023, despite the economic slowdown, tenant turnover was 9.2 percent higher. higher than in 2022 for all trade, data shows Central Statistical Office, retail sales growth at current prices amounted to 5%. By 4.6 percent also increased last year footfall shopping malls. Data from the PRCH indices are representative of the market, and their collection, verification and analysis has been continuously supervised by the international auditor PwC for 16 years. The indexes include information from facilities with a total area of ​​over 4.5 million m2, which constitutes over 33%. the shopping center market in Poland,” he said managing director of PRCH Krzysztof Poznańskiquoted in the release.

Turnover increased in every category

In the last two months of 2023 (November and December), turnover increased by 5.4%, respectively. and 5.2%, compared to the same months in 2022, it was also reported.

Average annual turnover increased in all categories of retail facilities. The best results in 2023 were recorded by the smallest centers (5-20 thousand m2 GLA), showing an increase in turnover by 12.2%. y/y. In large facilities (40-60 thousand m2 GLA), tenant turnover increased by 10.8%, and the average increase by 9.1%. recorded the largest shopping malls (over 60,000 m2 GLA). In medium-sized facilities (20-40 thousand m2 GLA), turnover in 2023 increased by 6.5%. y/y, lists PRCH.

In selected categories, the highest increases in turnover throughout 2023 (y/y) were recorded: entertainment 30.3%, services 24.8%. and gastronomy 17.4 percent, we read further.

What about conversion and visits?

The conversion rate for all categories of tenants in shopping centers, i.e. the average customer spending per single visit to the mall, was 4% higher in 2023. higher than in 2022, also according to the organization’s data.

The footfall of shopping centers (PRCH Footfall Density Index), measured by the number of customers per 1 m2 of leasable area, was 4.6% higher in 2023. higher than a year earlier. The best visitor results were recorded by galleries with over 60,000 visitors. m2 GLA, where the increase was 6.1%. Facilities from 40 to 60 thousand m2 GLA attracted by 5.9%. more customers than in 2022. In the case of centers with an area of ​​20 to 40 thousand m2 GLA, the increase in footfall was 2.7%, and the smallest facilities, 5-20 thousand. m2 GLA, visited by 2.4%. customers more than a year earlier, concluded in the information.

The Polish Council of Shopping Centers (PRCH) is a not-for-profit association with over 200 members operating in the trade and service industry.



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