A huge order for Solaris. It will deliver over 350 buses to Rome

Luc Williams

Solaris Bus & Coach sp. z o. o. is one of the leading European manufacturers of city and suburban buses, focusing its activities especially on the development of zero-emission vehicles.

Company spokesman Mateusz Figaszewski announced on Friday that in recent days Solaris has obtained an order for the supply of 244 CNG buses. Earlier, the company won a tender for the supply of 110 mild hybrid buses.

If the ordering party uses the options to the maximum, the contracts and maintenance services will reach a value of over EUR 200 million.

“In recent months, Solaris presented the most advantageous offer in the tender for the supply of 110 articulated mild hybrid vehicles. The tender procedure was conducted by the Gubielo Spa purchasing group for the ATAC Roma carrier. The offer of Solaris Urbino 18 equipped with the latest generation mild hybrid systems received the highest rating” – Figaszewski said on Friday.

The spokesman added that a few days ago, Gubielo Spa and ATAC Roma also placed an order for buses powered by compressed natural gas.

“And here, Solaris' offer with the twelve-meter Urbino CNG version turned out to be the most advantageous. Thanks to this, 244 Solaris Urbino 12 CNG buses powered by natural gas will be delivered to the Italian capital in 2024 and 2025,” said a representative of the company.

The order for gas carriers assumes the so-called option, i.e. the possibility of increasing the number of vehicles by another 78 units. The ordering party may decide on this in the following months.

In addition to delivering buses, Solaris will also provide servicing for the next 10 years. Figaszewski emphasized that this is one of the largest contracts in the company's history. In 2003-2004, Solaris delivered 30 trolleybuses to the ATAC carrier. In addition, Cotral uses over 700 Solaris InterUrbino intercity vehicles for regional transport in the suburbs of Rome. (PAP)

author: Rafał Pogrzebny


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