“Accommodated”: this was the harsh 'grab' when the congressman sent the blow to colleagues who were Petristas and are now opponents

Luc Williams

The senator of the Democratic Center, Miguel Uribe; the congressman of the Liberal Party, Mauricio Gómez Amin; and the House representative for the Green Party, Catherine Juvinao Clavijo, better known as Cathy Juvinao, held an on-air debate that at times became tense.

In the program 'Vicky en Semana', within the framework of the analysis of the April 21 marches throughout Colombia, Senator Miguel Uribe assured that he did not need a year and a half to know what President Gustavo Petro's management would be like. “We have been in the opposition since day one. They didn't have to convince us in a year and a half that Petro was bad. From the first day we have had the whole spirit of dialogue, the problem is that what one says to Petro goes in through one ear and out the other. I want to tell Mauricio, with my heart, before becoming a congressman, I am Colombian, I would like the current president to do well, but I am not willing to destroy what has been built with so much effort.”

Miguel Uribe said that he felt addressed because Senator Mauricio Gómez Amín pointed out that he thinks about the people. “With all due respect, Mauricio, I cannot accept that he suggests, he says that he does not lose hope because he thinks about people, as if I did not think about people. And he also says, later, 'I understand that everyone is involved in their own things' as if assuming that it is in my best interest for Petro to do poorly and things of that nature and I cannot accept that. It is not only disrespectful, false, and does not represent my attitude.”

Gómez Amín, after his colleague's reply, asked him to calm down. “I want to ask Senator Miguel Uribe to calm down, to calm down.”

Uribe interrupted him: “you have to say things as they are.”

Gómez Amín again: “Let me finish.”

Miguel Uribe, once again, exclaimed: “accommodated, accommodated.”

Gómez Amín again: “we do not unite because of attitudes like yours, which all they do is spit poison. “I have also been in opposition since day one, but more difficult than yours, because I am in a government party, alone, in opposition, with pants, don't come and reproach me for anything and be a gentleman with your colleagues.”

Juvinao also got upset with Senator Miguel Uribe's “accommodate.” “I would like to tell Miguel that there is no political, moral or ethical superiority in having opposed Petro from the beginning. Maybe there are people who realized after six months that Petro was not fulfilling what he wanted.”

“In my case it was in the presentation of the political reform when I said that this was not what they promised. And I cannot accept that those of us who today, having voted for Petro, have the courage to criticize him classify us as well-off,” Juvinao added.

Watch the full debate here:

Previously, in another space on 'Vicky en SEMANA', Congresswoman Catherine Juvinao, also known as Cathy Juvinao, pointed out that, for example, she feels very disappointed with President Gustavo Petro, but urged not to blame those who voted for him. he.


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