After corruption scandal in the UNGRD, should the reforms of the Petro Government be stopped?: congressmen respond

Luc Williams

In the space of political voices they analyzed what is happening in Congress, where the reforms promoted by the Petro government are being processed. Despite the scandal, the smeared legislators do not depart from their positions.

Faced with the serious scandal, there are those who agree that the linked congressmen should step aside while the investigations progress and not meet in either the Senate or the Chamber. However, this has not been seen.

For Senator Miguel Uribe there is something irrefutable: “although these people could eventually continue in office, what under no circumstances can happen is that the reform process continues. That is to say, What should happen immediately is the absolute halt to the reform process because they lack legitimacy.”.

For her part, representative Carolina Arbeláez said she was “terrified” by how the reforms continue to be processed, which, in her opinion, “are flawed” due to corruption scandals.

“We have been saying it, not even the reforms should be processed”, he sentenced. In addition, he considered that the legislative agenda that comes with the initiative of the Petro government should be frozen.

“There is a presumption of innocence, but it is important – and I also believe it – that the president (of Congress) stepped away from the discussions of these reforms, precisely because he is being investigated. I do believe that the president is prevented from processing these reforms,” Arbeláez concluded in the space of

Faced with the continuity of Name and Calle despite the scandal, representative Cristian Avendaño mentioned that together with his partner Jennifer Pedraza They filed a request to the presidents of the House and Senate to withdraw from their positions until the responsibility they may or may not have with the UNGRD corruption scandal is clarified.

Next, he specified that his request is made so that the investigations are carried out “in a transparent manner and with a minimum of guarantees.”

Finally, representative Alejandro Chacón summarized that this is a “very complex” situation for the Congress of the Republic. “In front of the president of the Senate and the House, it is a very particular case (…). They state that they are innocent. “Two people – and I don't know if there are more – are considering that the irregularities that are revealed were with their approval.”

“If they continue and declare their innocence, then they will have to defend him and it is up to justice. Congress, as on other occasions, has to continue functioning, that is democracy (…). The country cannot stop“, Chacón said in the space of


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