After the Government’s disaster with the Pan American Games and in a year of the Olympics in Paris, why is firing the Minister of Sports not so easy?

Luc Williams

In the space of , the president of the Colombian Olympic Committee, Ciro Solano, emphasized that much of the responsibility for having lost the tournament falls on the former Minister of Sports María Isabel Urrutia. He even assured that the former official never showed will.

However, it is prudent to consider the context before making such a decision. This was indicated by the president of the Colombian Olympic Committee, since this year coincides with a large-scale sporting event: the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

“What the Federations said – and I agree with that – is that When there are these changes, they generate administrative trauma”Solano noted.

To explain his point, he cited as an example the arrival of a new person to a company: first he has to get up to speed and, over time, he adapts.

Regarding the case of the Ministry of Sports, he described the situation as “complex.” “Today these agreements have not been signed and, if that were to happen (the minister’s departure), There is going to be a paralysis in the preparation and signing of these agreements“warned the president of the Colombian Olympic Committee.

Will there be a next attempt to host the Pan American Games?

There is no doubt that the recent loss of the opportunity to host the Pan American Games in Barranquilla can be classified as a disaster. Now, given how relations between the Petro Government and the Olympic Committee remain, Solano was clear in saying that they hope to maintain cordial treatment.

“We have always tried to have a good relationship with governments because that is stipulated in the Olympic Charter, a harmonious relationship. We act outside the political concert and we hope to maintain good relations with the current Government and the one that comes in.”, he expressed.

Finally, regarding the possibility of making a future attempt to obtain the venue for the Pan American Games, Solano responded that they will take it calmly.

“Now we are without air, without breath. Let’s see what happens (…). “Everything depends on the circumstance we are going through,” concluded the president of the Colombian Olympic Committee in the space of


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