Although he recognizes that he has no future, Senator Fabián Díaz will insist with an alternative presentation for the health reform: “it is sunk”

Luc Williams

Senator Fabián Díaz recently announced that he will present an alternative presentation with which he seeks to find consensus regarding the health reform of the Petro government, which is currently dying.

In the space of , the congressman acknowledged that finding support for his presentation is quite complicated, especially considering that, at this time, “health reform is sunk.”

First of all, Senator Díaz stated that the crisis in the Colombian health system is not something new nor does it correspond to the government in power. “It comes from a long time ago, it accumulates and grows. We can see this crisis in the rights to petition, in the guardianships, in the denials in the provision of health services,” he noted.

Next, he emphasized that what is happening in the country with health “is very sad.” For this reason, he insisted on the need to agree on solutions. Precisely, the alternative presentation is presented as a possible route, aiming to seek consensus regarding the changes that the system requires.

In fact, Díaz commented that congressmen who were the speakers of the bill have sought him out. He even mentioned that the Minister of Health himself, Guillermo Jaramillo, has sought ways of agreement.

“Today the reality is that the health reform is sunk”

Congressman Fabián Díaz agreed to be aware that it is very difficult to save the health reform, even though he is going to present the alternative presentation.

“Currently we don't have the votes. I am going to continue insisting on the paths of concertation (…). And I am going to file an alternative presentation seeking those consensuses. But the reality is that, today, that reform is sunk. Today the reality is that there is no reform.”he pointed out.


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