Are Colombians' savings at risk? Uncertainty after approval of Petro's pension reform in the Senate

Luc Williams

Regarding the support that the pension reform had in the Senate, congressmen analyzed in the space of what implications it could have on the savings of Colombians, of course, if it were definitively approved.

Regarding whether or not the savings of Colombians are in suspense, Senator Jota Pe Hernández considered that the scenario is similar to “if they gave a kindergarten” to the murderer and child rapist Luis Alfredo Garavito. “We are going to hand over the talk of Colombians to a fund that they have historically managed with tremendous irresponsibility”criticized the Green Alliance congressman.

In turn, Senator Carlos Meissel argued why the savings of Colombian workers are at risk with the pension reform promoted by the Petro Government.

“Of course the elderly in this country who are experiencing difficulties need a helping hand (…), But that doesn't mean we have to affect our generation, today's worker. and to those who are fulfilling a life plan hoping that in 20 or 30 years they can reach a secure old age,” said the congressman from the Democratic Center.

For the senator, the solutions that should be evaluated are other. For example, he mentioned the importance of quickly linking young people to the labor market. Likewise, he highlighted the need for older adults to have the opportunity to complete their contributed weeks to have their pension.

Regarding how, Meissel suggested: “from the generation of employment, formality and Do not file a labor reform that is telling everyone that it is going to destroy 400,000 jobs”.

“They want to manipulate them”

For Senator Jota Pe Hernández it is clear that “we all want to help older adults.” Furthermore, he recalled that there are already assistance programs for this population, which could be strengthened without the need for a pension reform.

If Gustavo Petro wanted to help older adults, since August 7, 2022, when he took office, he could have done so. Now, what is that 1.8 billion pesos doing in the Ministry of Equality there, frozen and unexecuted? Why don't we take it and help those older adults?” Hernández explained.

Along these lines, he dared to respond and accused: “clearly, what is wanted here is a smaller fund to use strategically and politically in elections. Here what they want to take are those three older adults to manipulate them – as they have done in other countries – through a subsidy”.

“Don't let them come and say that they are going to lift the elderly out of poverty or give them pensions; “That is a subsidy, that is not a pension,” the senator added in the space of


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