“Behind the crime in Bogotá is drug trafficking and the laxity of the total peace scheme of President Petro’s government”

Luc Williams

Mayor Carlos Fernando Galán has been in office for a month and a half and it has been impossible for him to stop the escalation of robberies in Bogotá that former mayor Claudia López left him as a legacy of her controversial management.

Criminals are no longer just doing their thing in the streets and in TransMilenio stations or buses, but now they are now entering restaurants and gastrobars like Pedro at home to rob them at will, without any fear. They terrorize with traumatic pistols or firearms to achieve their objective. In all cases, they have been able to escape with a millionaire loot.

Going out to eat as a family or as a couple or sharing a few beers with friends became a ‘danger operation’ in the city. This has been evident this year with at least ten media cases of massive thefts in places such as the Masa bakery, the Abasto restaurant, the Pecado Capital hamburger restaurant, Primates Pub & Grill, and breweries, among others. That, without counting those who are not reported in the media or social networks. And, to complete, This February 21, Hernán Roberto Franco, a businessman, was murdered in Bogotá, in events that were recorded on videos and that worsened the anguish of the inhabitants of the capital.

Regarding this bloody event and the multiple robberies that have been reported so far in 2024, the former candidates for Mayor, Rodrigo Lara and Juan Daniel Oviedo, analyzed the complex situation that Bogotá is going through.

Juan Daniel Oviedo went much further. “There is no doubt that the laxity of the total peace scheme of the government of President Gustavo Petro has Bogotá flooded with drugs.which is increasing problematic consumption, which is increasing the concern – for example – of parents regarding the consumption of psychoactive substances in parks and public spaces in the city.”

And he added: “It is conclusive that behind this exponential growth in crime in Bogotá is associated the greater drug trafficking in the city, the greater consumption, the greater demand that leads these gangs to use this crime, such as theft from people. , theft of cell phones, as a demonstration of power of a territorial struggle in the city.”


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