Budka announces: A competent management board of Orlen will soon be selected from a pool of 260 candidates

Luc Williams

The upcoming election of the president of Orlen – Budka on the upcoming changes in the management board

Minister of State Assets Borys Budka announced on Thursday on TVN 24 that “everything indicates” that the president will be elected next week Orlen. He recalled that 260 candidates applied for the position of Orlen management board members.

Budka explained why the procedure for electing the management board of the largest Polish company is taking longer. “We make sure that the company has a professional management board,” he assured. “I am also trying as much as possible – before the European directive enters into force – to ensure the participation of people of different sexes, so this is also one of the criteria,” he noted.

“I think next week – I haven't talked to the council chairman yet prof. Ashes (prof. Wojciech Popiołek chairman of Orlen's supervisory board – PAP) whether they will make this decision – but everything indicates that they should be ready next week,” Budka said.

The roles of the Prime Minister in the election process of the Orlen management board

The minister was asked whether the decision to elect the president of Orlen would be consulted with Prime Minister Donald Tusk he replied that “the Prime Minister does not interfere in personnel matters State Treasury companies, but of course, when it comes to issues such as representatives on the supervisory board, I always inform who the State Treasury appoints. It is important that these are competent and appropriate people, and so far I have not had any objections from the Prime Minister,” the minister noted.

“The Prime Minister, like each of us, will certainly learn about the supervisory board's decision in due time,” Budka said. “I can assure you that if the supervisory board wants to present this short list, the Prime Minister will also be informed about it,” he added.

The recruitment process for positions in the Orlen management board

The deadline for submitting applications in the qualification procedure for management board members scheduled for February 14 was Friday (March 1 this year) at 15. By the deadline, 260 applications from candidates were received, the company informed then.

Following the procedure, they are analyzed by Nomination and Remuneration Committee supervisory board. After examining the applications in terms of formal and substantive aspects, he is to prepare for the council a list of candidates for individual positions on the management board.

According to the announcement, in the qualification procedure, the Supervisory Board of Orlen intends to appoint a president, vice president for finance and vice president for strategy and sustainable developmentas well as six members of the management board – for upstream, energy and energy transformation, retail sales, corporate affairs, for wholesale trade and logistics and for production.

The current composition of Orlen's management board and the company's business profile

As of February 5, he is no longer the president of Orlen Daniel Obajtek, who had previously made himself available to the supervisory board. Since February 7, the management board of the Płock concern has been composed of: Witold Literacki as acting president of the management board; members of the supervisory board temporarily delegated to perform the duties of management board members – Kazimierz Mordaszewski, Tomasz Sójka and Tomasz Zieliński and member of the management board JosephHungarian.

The Orlen Group is a multi-energy concern in which the State Treasury holds 49.9 percent. shares. It has, among others, refineries in PolandIn Czech Republic and on Lithuania. He also manages the petrochemical segment and the hydrocarbon mining segment. At the same time, it is developing the segment of renewable energy sources and plans to develop safe nuclear energy – by 2030 it intends to launch at least one small SMR nuclear reactor. (PAP)

author: Anna Bytniewska


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